Donald Sanborn III (1990)

Instrumentation: Two B-flat Trumpets, one Piano.

"Trumpet Talk" is not my first composition, but it is the first piece of mine to receive a public performance. As such, I am--if I may be forgiven for saying so--rather fond of it. In honor of its approaching tenth anniversary, I plan to revise it and possibly rescore it for brass quintet or symphonic band. The existing version is in three movements.

The concept behind the piece was a dialogue between the two trumpets, with the piano (awkardly) trying to fit in and join the conversation, even though iti isn't a member of the same family of instruments and can never really talk, well, trumpet talk. The first movement consists of two fast sections which sandwich a slow middle section. The second movement is a slow ballad, and is in AB form. The third movement, also in AB form, is the fastest movement in the piece. Its 3/4 time signature provides a rhythmic contrast to the previous movments, which are in 4/4.

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