Donald Sanborn III (1995)

Instrumentation: Solo Oboe.

Persephone, aside from being Hades' flame and causing the Four Seasons to happen the way they did, also was a beautiful black cat with yellow eyes who was my best friend and guardian for a little over twenty years. When I was three years old, my father and I were sitting on the steps of our apartment in Chicago. Persephone came up to us and informed us that she would be living with us. None of that pathetic "I need a home" business with her. It was more, "I just found a home, and you're it!" Besides being our best friend, she also alerted us when a burglar was trying to break into our apartment. The burglar's plan was foiled; he had reckoned without a loyal watchcat!

After Persephone died, I composed this piece as a tribute to her. The slurred notes are an imitation of her meow, which, because Persephone was half-Siamese, was low-pitched and sounded more like "marow." The detatched notes are a representation of her dainty footsteps. The second half of the piece, more melodic than the first, is a musical elegy to my favorite cat in the whole world.

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