Donald Sanborn III (1994)

Instrumentation: solo B-flat Clarinet.

This piece was written to utilize the experimental talents of virtuoso clarinettist/saxophonist Emil Sein. The title, as the reader might guess, was inspired by the UFO Crash at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The concept behind this piece--I hope this is bizarre enough for all of you--was a funeral given by space aliens for their relatives who, legend has it, died in the crash. Since the piece was supposed to use extended techniques, I wanted a bizarre concept, and I felt a space alien funeral fit the bill!

Elegy for the Roswell Crash Victims is in three sections. The first and third sections are quiet, mournful; the aliens are grieving. THe middle section, which contains accented high notes, is intense; the aliens are discussing the crash. I chose the following extended techniques: a melodic jump covering a two-octave range, pitch bends, and breathy vocalizations. The extended techniques are employed to give the piece an otherworldly atmosphere.

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